My Biggest Marketing Breakthrough & Inspiration

This blog post is about my my biggest marketing breakthrough and is meant to inspire you as it inspired me. “Inspired me?”, you might might be asking… yes, my biggest marketing breakthrough inspired me, which in turn, I hope inspires you.

You see, roughly 2 months ago to date, I was at a place in my life where I was stuck in which direction I needed to go. My focus was off, my energy was low, I felt lost… have you ever felt that way before? And because of this, my business was suffering, my bank account was low, and I felt like I was starting to go downhill very slowly. In fact, I knew that if I continued down this route, that this slow downhill journey would start gaining momentum and would quickly turn into a GIGANTIC snowball that starts off small and eventually takes out villages and/or ski lodges. I definitely did not want that to happen. I love ski lodges… well the snow bunnies in ski lodges, is what I love.


The majority of what I described above stemmed from my health and weight problem. About 2 months ago, I weighed 170 lbs and really felt horrible about myself… the way I looked, my clothes not fitting good anymore, the non-ability to work on internet marketing projects really late because I didn’t have the energy or focus to. I needed a change.

So, I decided that I was going to go on a diet. Now, I have tried to go on diets before, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced that when we do, that all of the sudden a billion peoples birthdays come up, someone is having a bachelor/bachelorette or it’s LABOR DAY WEEKEND. For me, it was LABOR DAY WEEKEND. But, I decided that NOW is the time and it’s time to stop making excuses for why I’m not doing anything about my current situation.

My Biggest Marketing Breakthrough Is: Taking Action.

Watch this video where I talk about my biggest marketing breakthrough… you even get a strip tease!


Taking action is my biggest marketing breakthrough because you start to see results, whether good or bad. If results are bad, then you know you got some ground to make up. If results are good, they can be better. In my immediate case of weight loss, I started at 170 lbs and lost 5 lbs in the first week. Within a month I had lost about 15-20 lbs and 2 months later, which is right now, I have lost a total of 25 lbs bringing me down to 145 lbs. I took action and lost those first 5 lbs, which inspired me to gain that momentum and become the snowball that took out the village (notice I didn’t use ski lodge).

Now this blog post is not about weight loss specifically, it’s more about taking action. I hope for it to inspire you to just take action, no matter how messy it is, or what’s going on in your life at this time. For me, I decided to go on a diet LABOR DAY WEEKEND when I had to DJ 2 parties where everybody was drinking and eating all these wonderful looking foods. Don’t you think I wanted to cheat?! Of course I did! But that’s an excuse! Taking action means RIGHT NOW.

Biggest Marketing Breakthrough Conclusion

For some of you reading this, taking action might be finally getting that info-product done. In fact, that’s what my current “taking action” thing is. Or it might be getting your first video done and uploaded to youtube. I know a lot of you reading this, still haven’t done that because you’re scared of being on the camera… or what people will think about you. Just do it! Did you see the video up above these paragraphs? Does that video look anything perfect to you with my hair all jacked up… looks like I just rolled out of bed (which I just did). I just did it… I didn’t want to make the video perfect because I would have never gotten it done. GET IT DONE… NOW, PLEASE.

Now, as I said in the video, there is always a WHY to why we are doing whatever it is. In my instance, my WHY to lose weight and take back control of my life is my family. I deeply care about them and encourage and inspire them to be all they can be. You really need to zone in on your WHY. WHY is not about the money you’re going to make from succeeding online or in your business. The WHY should always be the result of the result. Meaning, the money you make from your success will allow you some sort of freedom. This usually comes in the form of time-freedom. More time to spend with your kids, your wife, go on vacations, etc. In my case, it’s the ability to change my family’s situation so that they can live healthier, have my nephew go to college (or IM college hehe) and have all the vacations and time-freedom that comes along with it.

I hope this post has inspired you to take action and get whatever you’re doing done. In my last words here, I just want you to know that I am just like you. There will always be that voice in my head saying, “you can do it tomorrow” or “just start it tomorrow”. Tell that voice to STFU and tell it, “tomorrow was yesterday”. Leave some comments below if this post resonates with you and also leave your biggest marketing breakthrough.

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P.S. – Shouts to Daegan Smith for inspiring me to do this post and video. Even though it’s for a contest for his Maximum Leverage Program, it felt really good to write about my biggest breakthrough in hopes that it would inspire those of you reading this post or watching my video. If you have a big marketing breakthrough and would love to share it, I highly encourage you to join in on the contest and share your experience with others as I’m sure your message while inspire others as well. Your biggest marketing breakthrough just might change someone’s life!

Webroom Seminar Review


Webroom Seminar Review

The webroom seminar workshop is a great system to get started to learning how to make money online. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably found this article online by looking up the term Webroom Seminar or by researching a way to make money online. In either case, you’re here because you either don’t have a job or you hate the 9-5 rat race. Would you agree? If you are here for either of those reasons, please leave a comment below on how much you HATE your job or how frustrating it is to find one in the horrible economy. If you hate your job, leave a comment below with, “I FUCKING HATE MY JOB”, trust me, it’ll make you feel better… for awhile. And if you’re a job seeker, leave a comment below with what kind of job you’re looking for, what pay you expect and do you have the qualifications to get the job and pay you deserve. Often times, we think and expect to get anything in life and look over the fact that we sometime don’t have everything it takes. Putting your goals in front of you with the right action steps will give you a more clear understanding on how to achieve them. In any case, let me tell you my story and how Vince Reed’s webroom seminar can help you if you’re unhappy at your 9-5 or simply looking to make some extra cash online.

<– This was me not that long ago, looking for a way to “beat the game”… actually my nostrils aren’t that big, but you get the picture. And so, as a laborer in the construction field, I often tallied up how many hours I would need to make $800 a week. I began to get excited thinking, “wow, if I work 40 hrs a week at $25 per hour, I can make… ” But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I was highly depending on 2 critical factors. 1 was my hourly rate and the 2nd was how much work I could do or get each and every week. These 2 factors alone (and of course there are always more) quickly became the downfall to my hope and dreams. If you’re reading this… I’m sure you too, have been in the same situation.

I eventually came out of this “trance” and stumbled online to find training on how to make money online. To keep the story short, 5 years and roughly $14,357 later (yes, I kept track), I finally made my  first dollar online. I’m not here to hype anything up and say I make $7,000 a month like a lot of these other guys… or websites that promise you the world, I’m here to tell you that making money online is not that hard. If you take the right product and put it front of the right people, you will make money. For example, since the majority of you reading this are on facebook, have you ever been to a facebook fan page and you see them post a related product from Amazon.com to their fan page? More than likely, the fan page is what we call an affiliate for Amazon.com and they get paid for promoting their products. So if you think about, a fan page that has just 1,000 fans can make you money online if you put the right products in front of that people. You can also do this with twitter, an email newsletter list or any other social community that can create a targeted following. This was not how I made my first dollar, but this is how a lot of people get started making money online. I made my first dollar online by selling my knowledge to people who wanted it. Remember, put the right offer/product in front of the right people and you will make money…

What is hard about making money online though is the overwhelming influx of things you need to do to make it consistent and also the ability to scale it so you can grow your income even more. However, the best thing about using the internet to make money online is the fact that it provides so much leverage. So, if you could find a way to make money online consistently and be able to scale it up using the internet’s leverage so you can quit your 9-5, would you be interested? Would you be interested in short-cutting your way through $14,357 and 5 years of testing and failing like I did? If so, take a look at my buddy Vince Reed’s free online workshop.

Webroom Seminar by Vince Reed Review

Webroom Seminar - Free Online Workshop

Webroom Seminar - Free Online Workshop - More info here: http://bit.ly/internetworkshopfb

In the Webroom Seminar system you will learn how to effectively create a newsletter email list (your personal connection to people who want to buy what you’re offering at the push of a button) where you will be able to make money by simply sending out emails. If you’ve never heard of this strategy or you think this us “unreal”, let me put this into perspective for you. Have you ever used the website Groupon, LivingSocial.com or any other “deal” website? Usually, this is how they work: You see someone post on facebook or get an email from a friend that they just bought a “2 for 1″ deal at your favorite restaurant and you decide to buy too. Thereafter, you began getting emails from the site that sold you the deal because they know you are interested in getting deals from businesses in your area. Now I want you to think about this on a large scale… if you had an email list of 100,000 people who were interested in what you’re offering (much like a groupon) and you were sending out emails everyday and just 1% of those people were buying what you had to offer and you pocketed just $1… how much money would you be making per day? Let’s go back real quick to my story… if I worked 40 hrs a week at $25, I would make $1000 a week before taxes. If I had a 100,000 person email list and just 1% of those people bought everyday and I pocked a $1 from each of those people, I would make $1000 per day. Do you want $1000 per day or $1000 per week? I believe I know your answer. Internet = Leverage. Check out Vince’s workshop here.

In the webroom seminar, you’re also going to learn where to find products/offers to offer to your email list for free, along with getting people onto your email list so that you can start making money as quickly as possible. There is so much more included in the workshop series and even things I cannot tell you about such as the bonus workshops Vince will be providing. If you decide to sign up for the workshop, be sure to leave a comment below stating that you signed up and also the reason why you signed up…

Webroom Seminar – Why You Need It

The webroom seminar will drastically reduce your learning curve on how to make money online. It took me 5 years and over $14,000 dollars to finally make my first dollar online (not something I’m too proud of). If you’re looking to quit your 9-5 or you don’t even have a job, this is a good start. Vince Reed’s Webroom Seminar is year’s of experience from the man himself. If you decide to sign up for the free workshop, you’ll also hear Vince’s story on how he was in the “rat race” as well and how he finally figured out how to make money from home, all online. If you’re tired of your boss, tired of not having the freedom to do whatever you want (that long-awaited trip to the Bahamas), or just sick and tired of being sick and tired… then make sure you sign up for the free workshop by using the link below.

Webroom Seminar – Sign Up For Free Here


Sign up for Vince Reed’s Webroom Seminar Workshop here

Who Is Christian Alva?


Who Is Christian Alva?

To all my readers out there, just wanted to introduce myself as many of you may not know who I am.

Christian Alva - Always looking up

"Always looking up!"

Hello, my name is Christian Alva and I am home remodel-er by day and online marketer by night (sometimes day too). I currently live in Long Beach, California and grew up in this area most of my life. I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA and went on to college at the University of California, Riverside. I suffered the heat there for about 2 years and finally returned home. In all honesty, I learned some things whilst in good, ole college but I believe most of them to be about friendship. I would never take back my choice to go to school where I did (or even to go to college at all) because I believe everything happens for a reason…

With that being said, college really wasn’t for me.

Now I did fairly well in college for, “goofing off” and being, “sociable”, so by no means am I saying I dropped out or are one of those that says college isn’t for them and then they proceed to work at McDonalds for the rest of their… natural life. Nope, not me. I left college, headed home and proceeded to work with my dad, which is how I ended up in the home remodel industry. Somewhere in that time frame was network marketing too, but that’s another story for another time.

So, I’ve been in the home remodeling industry for about the last 10 years now and in the beginning things were really good. Our business works primarily off of referrals since we don’t advertise ANYWHERE and in the beginning we had a calendar booked out for the whole year. However, roughly 5 years ago when the economy started going down south, our business took a hit too, just like many others in the same industry.

At the time, one of our sub-contractors started asking me if I wanted to make some, “extra money”. I could tell by the way he was positioning his words and the excitement every new MLM’er gets, that he was ready to pitch me on what he called, “The best opportunity”. I, myself, as mentioned above, was not new to the game… heck, I practically wrote the book on how to pitch your friends and family members on your network marketing opportunity (okay, kidding). So I let the guy pitch me, it was very interesting how he positioned the company, Melaleuca, and I actually liked his pitch. However, I did not join with him and he went on to sign up 50 people in the next 6-8 weeks… only to drop completely out 6 months later.

I should probably say this right now: Make sure that whatever network marketing company you join, you’re 157% sure it’s the right one for you and that it has the right leadership at the top and the right leadership at the bottom (which is your sponsor). If you fail to recognize that the company has a bogus product and/or poor leadership, you will ultimately fail and run to the, “next new thing”. This is exactly what happened to said person up above, except he never ran to the next new thing… he just completely gave up. I blame his sponsor that led with poor leadership as he actually had the ability and fearlessness to talk to people. Maybe he’ll, “sober up” one day and get his act together.

If you’re reading this and you feel like the said person I just described, whomever you are, you need to come back. The opportunity to change your life and those lives around you has never been greater. But, it starts with YOU.

Okay, back to the journey…


So I ended up deciding to join a network marketing company called Shaklee and I joined for several reasons.

1 – My family had been on the products since I was born (roughly 30 years) and the company itself was 50+ years old. So you can say longevity with the company itself and the products were a factor here. I mean c’mon, who buys vitamins from sav-on, thrifty or the market continually for 30 years? I don’t know one person, do you? Great products were the first reason I joined.

2 – The company had recently been purchased by a man named Roger Barnett, who had visions for the company, just like the original owner, Forrest C. Shaklee. Forrest or, “Dr. Shaklee” as many like to call him, led with the ideal that, “nature can cure us” and everything we need comes from the earth. Roger believes in the same ideals and promptly got the Shaklee products inside of the White House and on The Oprah Winfrey show as one of Oprah’s favorite products. Vision & top-level leadership is the second reason I joined.

3 – My sponsor is named Mary Anton. She’s 85 years young and makes $20k per month with Shaklee. She still drives, and owns and runs her health and wellness business out of a small store in Studio City, Ca. She’s really witty and will always have something funny to say. She knows and swears by all the Shaklee products and said her life wouldn’t have been the same if she had never joined. She will even tell you to this day that she didn’t want to join in the first place. I mean, I said to myself, “if this 80 year old woman can make $20k a month, then I can too”. That combined with her knowledge and experience is unbeatable. Lower-level leadership (my sponsor) is the third reason I joined.


After joining Shaklee, I recruited roughly 30 members under me and soon began to see how things REALLY worked. Now most people you read about will B.S. you and tell you the candy-coated side of the story, but I won’t. You see, I was just like my sub-contractor mentioned up above, I was all gung-ho and went and recruited everybody in my path. But what I didn’t realize (much like said sub-contractor) was that I wasn’t training my people the correct way… I wasn’t using the correct leadership. I was teaching my people to not become leaders themselves and if you do this for a long period of time, you will have people drop off of your team. This is exactly what happened to me and said sub-contractor.

So 30 people soon turned into about 5 or 6. I like to say, 30 people soon turned into 1… myself. Yes, I viewed my “team” as myself and here’s the reason why.

After you go through all these kinds of things and you figure out that you have the determination to make it in this industry, you start to take things on head first. Those other 5 or 6 people that were still on my team, their flames started to flicker. It was up to me to make things happen, not them.

If you’re reading this right now and you feel the same way, just FUCKING GO FOR IT. Yes, I do curse and I will never BULL SHIT you. I am the real deal. I will curse to get my point across, that’s just how I roll…

Just fucking go for it. Really.

When your family thinks you’re crazy for being in an MLM or your friends laugh at you because you’re on the computer blogging all night or walking around, looking all crazy while talking to a video camera… just look at them and laugh and say, “You know… I am crazy for wanting to live my dream, I am crazy for wanting to be successful. You’ll never be any of that because you AINT crazy!”, and then wig out and plop on the floor and start convulsing.

That’s what I would do. Really.


The time is now, but it’s up to YOU to make the change. Just fucking go for it.

Since then (when I decided to fucking go for it), I have learned from top leaders in the MLM and Online Marketing Industry, won several contests that got me invited to private high-level mastermind groups, and most recently, started making my own info-products for the online marketing space. I now have the means to build wealth and teams the correct way…

Which brings us to now…

First, thank you for taking the time to read this “about me” post. Even though it was lengthy, it still cannot and will not sum up who I am or what I’m about. I can only hope, if you’re interested, that you will keep reading my posts and reach out to me someday.

I am honestly here to help, build teams and succeed together.

If you would like to reach out to me, please email me: christian.e.alva@hotmail.com or call me at: (562) 204-6357.



Post Script – Like I said, I am here to help. If you want me to do a training on a certain subject like facebook marketing, twitter marketing, youtube marketing, email marketing, PPC, etc, then leave a comment below and I will do my best to get to it! In my coming posts, I will be writing and doing videos on online marketing mediums as well as posts about my network marketing company, Shaklee. I will also probably throw in some mindset training because I know a lot of people like inspiration.


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